Tuesday, December 2, 2014

4th graders are embarking on their first "choice" project #GWgreats

By fourth grade our students are ready to use their art skills and begin to explore their personal style on an even deeper level. We are Studying the work of Frank big bear- A Minneapolis Native american artist who draws portraits using color, value and shape. The students use the visual analysis
process to really slow down and LOOK at his art work
Then the fun begins! They develop their OWN plan
They get to choose the medium they like using and as long as they meet the learning targets they have complete freedom to develop and execute their ideas! It is an amazing process. Students sometimes stuggle when beginning because sometimes a step by step intruction feels more comfortable , yet once they realize they can do it - they fly forward
I can't wait to share the final product and the fun process along the way!

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