Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Heres what we are doing in art in the NEW YEAR!

With new year resolutions, new goals, fresh clean slates brings on new inspirations and lots of brilliant art choices!
1st grade we travel in time back to Cave people- the very 1st artists and we learn that humans from the very beginning are story tellers.
2nd grade we are traveling to Africa and we begin to understand why Picasso was SO inspired by African masks
3rd grade we are choosing ONE word that will EMPOWER us as we move thru the rest of the year.
4th grade we are finishing up  our self portrait unit and look forward to making really cool wire action figures
5th grade is traveling back i n time learn about the Ancient Mayan Civilization. Thru art we are exploring their language and symbols as well as comparing and contrasting cultures

Stay tuned for  posts  sharing our journey along the way!

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