Friday, September 11, 2015

Artist Sketchbooks #GWgreats

2nd thru 5th graders are getting ready for the art year by building their own sketchbooks.

Artists need a place to compile their ideas, reflect on their work. They also need a place to have day dream time; a space they can invent, doodle and draw. Artists are planners. we use sketchbooks to document and revise our plans. Each week we also use our sketchbooks for"warm ups ". these are quick draw exercises that warm up the whole brain and get it ready for optimal creating!

What I love most about this first lesson is how the students begin to own their artist style.
The cover is totally up to them to design, they have complete "artist license".
I have learned that giving them permission for total freedom without critique  helps them develop
the confidence they need for self expression. It is beautiful to watch!

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