Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thoughts,Meanderings, Ideas, Reflections and goals for 2015/16

Rhythm is one of the 8 principles of art.
As I think about beginning a new school year I see the interplay rhythm also has on my life.

The end of the school year is full with the endurance race of completions, the goodbyes,the cleaning the throwing and putting away for a new year yet to unfold-

Then summer enters my doorstep with a shout and the door closes to school.

Around the beginning of August - that screen door slowly blows open and a longing for routine returns.
This year I am going to try using this blog platform as  journal,  showcase,  resource  and documenting AHHA! moments.
I will post at least once a week- more depending upon the rhythm of each lesson.
This year the theme in my room will center around story, connection, and "building" .
Stop in from time to time .... Cant wait for this year to unfold!

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