Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Resolutions- Even before Jan 1st "working smarted not harder"

Okay, So many good intentions come and go and I still haven't kept my blog up....
As time gets further and further away from me  the task gets further down the list.
This week I decided to take a different approach...
I reflected on why the blog is important to me-
1. We do such amazing work in the artroom- I want to shout it out.
2. I love shining the spot light on kids and their ideas- Kids inspire other kids
3. I want to connect with parents and other schools in the district- a virtual window into our day.
4. As kids develop their artistic voice- I want them to have a platform.

Then I reflected on a conversation that I had with my principal. He posed the question- "How can you engage the quiet child,  How can you support their quiet genius?

The next day I took a leap and handed the Ipad to 2 students who listen with great intent yet don't often raise their hand
I said go into the hall and make a 2 min video about what we are learning.

What happened next changed my teaching in a profound way...
I watched their video and i saw the learning thru their eyes
100% unfiltered
100% fresh
When we give them the tools
we don't have to plan the outcome.
We see them unfiltered in all their brilliance!
so my blog is going to be student led from now on.
I hope you enjoy this fresh format as much as I do!

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